We are the emerging leader in the manufacturing manufacture of premium vitamins, minerals, and functional ingredients blends as well as and custom premixes for the food, beverage, and dietary supplement industries. All of our premixes offer provide supply chain efficiencies that reduce lower your costs without compromising on quality. World Ingredients (WIN) is Mexico’s leading manufacturer of functional ingredient premixes, with WIN America serving as our US subsidiary.

WIN has over a decade of experience in the market, specializing in the production of vitamin, mineral, and bioactive component premixes, along with a range of commodities and specialty products. Our diverse product line translates into a unique experience for each of our clients.


At WIN, our clients are our utmost priority, serving as the driving force behind every service we offer. Our core mission centers around nurturing business growth through meaningful relationships.

As a rising industry leader, we specialize in crafting premium vitamin, mineral, and nutrient functional ingredient blends, along with tailored premixes designed to meet the unique needs of the food, beverage, and supplement sectors. Our unwavering commitment to supply chain efficiency ensures cost savings without any compromise on quality.


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